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If you are looking for the finest quality hair extensions in London, look no further than Hair Xtensions. Whether you wish transform your short hair into long luscious locks, straight chic, add instant volume or achhieve beautiful slices of colour without the chemicals. At Hair Xtensions we offer the highest quality natural hair, 100% virgin and cuticle correct, which is simply hard to beat!

The hair extensions last approximately 3-4 months and the same hair can be re-used for more then 12 months depending on the after care and maintenance. The Hair Xtensions Brazilian systems enables you to match the extensions to your natural hair for the most natural look ever.

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London • since 2004

About Me

My name is Elizabeth Oliveira. I am a dedicated hair extensions technician with a family of five ( including my cute Bichon frisée Snowy) . I enjoy my job, and the knowledge and perspective that my work gives me has strengthened my technique skills and presentation abilities. People find me to be an upbeat, self-motivated person with excellent communication skills. For the past several years I have worked with wonderful people who help me to be the person I am today trying my best to help them to achieve the look they looking for. My experience includes find the best look for each person as everyone has a individual face features and has a different personality, working together with my clients to make the perfect match of hair color, system used, amount of hair, length and style on the best way I can.

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