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Micro Ring AND NANO RING ExtensionS

WHAT ARE MICRO RING AND NANO RING HAIR EXTENSIONS? Micro-ring hair extensions are a sub category of fusion hair extensions. These are semi-permanent hair extensions which lasts for 2–3 months or longer depending upon your natural hair growth, after which they need to be reinstalled. Both can come with or without silicon and the main two materials are copper and aluminium.

WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MICRO RING AND NANO RING? There is no much difference. We are talking about the same technique but the main difference between them consist in the size where the nano rings are much smaller nearly invisible to the eyes sight.

They are attached to the natural hair strand with a which is undetectable & provides a seamless finish.

  • No heat process.
  • Can be easily removed.
  • If installed properly, there is no chance to damage the client own hair. These are very secure and reliable.
  • Based on my experience I recommend to keep the hair maximum about two months. 
  • They come in different lengths, colors & textures so offers a lot of option to choose from.
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